Music by John Forsythe

A selection of music I've worked on in recent years

Nothing Lasts

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  • A reimagining of the song "Nothing Lasts" by Karen Beth from 1969.
  • I wrote new piano, drum, string, and synth parts, keeping the original vocals, acoustic guitar, and bits of the piano and bass.
  • New vocal harmonies were created by overdubbing the original vocals at different speeds and pitches.

Connections (Part 2)

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  • A no-expenses-spared journey through sound, inspired by The Avalanches, DJ Shadow, and Coldcut.
  • Featuring hundreds of samples from television and film, and original remixes and mashups of Massive Attack, Portishead, Lana Del Rey, Joni Mitchell, and a few more surprises from pop history.

Wave of Waves

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  • A sonic joyride across psychedelic landscapes. Self-help tapes melt in the heat of the desert sun, as the drums and piano play on...